Dear Veterans' Counselor,  
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We hope you find our site useful to you in your goal of returning our Veterans to the work force. If you are a Veteran and need a TSA, contact your VA Vocational Rehabilitation division.
We can never thank them enough. If you are having a problem, please use our contact form: Contact
There is a lot of information available and many options to choose. Don't worry, you can't make a mistake that can't be undone. You can always rerun your client as often as you like. You will need a password to enter the system. If you have not received your password, please contact your VA administrator to obtain your password. Tech Support cannot give out your password.
Take your time initially. Experiment. * Counselors, please protect your password and please use the system only for your VA clients. Please understand that the use of the system is free for our Veterans through the VA.
Later, you'll more than make up for any time you have spent learning the system.  
Thank you.  
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