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Heavy Work Examples

Exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, or 25 to 50 pounds of force frequently, or 10 to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical demand requirements are in excess of those for Medium Work.

H:1 Digs trench to specified depth and width, constantly pushing shovel into earth and lifting, carrying, and throwing shovelfuls of earth onto pile. Shovel often is raised to shoulder height and weight lifted is concentrated at its end. Shovel and earth weigh approximately 20 pounds, but the continuous effort involved requires strength comparable to that required by frequent lifting up to 50 pounds and occasional lifting up to 100 pounds.

H:2 Charges furnaces, lifting and carrying metal weighing 35-50 pounds. Frequently pushes and pulls from awkward crouching position to turn metal in furnace with tongs. Periodically with draws Metal from furnace and carries it, with assistance, to forge.

H:3 Fits pipe assemblies into place, frequently lifting and carrying pipe and pipe connections weighing 50 pounds and occasionally up to 100 pounds, with aid of helpers. Stands, stoops, and crouches while reaching above and below shoulder height to pull pipes into position.

H:4 Mixes pastry, standing almost continuously. Occasionally lifts and carries 100-pound bags of flour about 20 feet from stack to mixing bowl. Frequently turns and stoops to lift bags of sugar and shortening, each weighing 50 pounds.

H:5 Pushes hand truck up and down warehouse aisles, lifts cartons of items weighing an average of 65 pounds from storage shelves, and places cartons on hand truck to fill orders. Lifts cartons from hand truck in order to complete packing, wrapping, sealing, and labeling for shipping. Lifts and carries cartons to skids for shipping.