Free University & College Program

At we offer free use of our Transferable Skills Analysis web site for University and College Rehabilitation, Counseling, or Human Resource programs.


Assumption College

Florida State University

Kent State University

St. Mary's College

Stephen F. Austin State University

Ohio State University

University of Iowa

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

University of Wisconsin Stout

California State University Fresno

Penn State University

Wright State University

University of Kentucky

Virginia Tech University

Fort Valley State University

Hofstra University

Texas Tech University

East Carolina University

California State University

West Virginia University

University of Texas Pan-American

University of Tennessee

We have had great success with our free use program for students involved in rehabilitation classes. The students have stated they really enjoyed using our site and learned a lot about creating and interpreting Transferable Skills Analysis for their future clients. Their professors have told us that the use of our site was a favorite part of their class and their students really learned a lot from it.


How Does It Work?

Getting started is easy. In order to use we ask that the "Instructor ONLY" register for our TSA site. Students are NOT eligible unless they are in a qualified rehabilitation class, under the tutelage of a registered professor or instructor.

Choose "College or University Rehabilitation Class" from the drop down list under "Register me for:" Enter the Start Date and End date of the class, and the number of students in the class. We use this information simply to set up the account for free TSA's for the required number of students.

Students are requested to enter their OWN e-mail address when they create their practice client. That way, their report goes to their e-mail account rather than being sent to the instructor.