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How much is your time worth?

Our customers are very smart people.  They know how to use their time wisely.  One of our customers Saved 116, 8-hour days (so far) using VocRehab.com to do their TSA's rather than doing them manually.

What could you do with an extra 16 weeks? 

Tip of the day!

Your TSA Wage Report can include Multiple States. Use the Enter State for Wages button check the States you wish to include.

Logging In    Adding New or Re-Doing Clients     The Main Menu     
Entering History, Limitations etc.     Viewing Results      Quick Report    Send Final Reports 

The first thing you'll notice is that you have to Log In.
This is done using your TSA password, assigned when you registered.

For example:  
Assigned Password:
Entering your password gives you access to the system.  The great thing about this is that you won't have to enter your password or e-mail address in a form for each TSA you do.  Also, you can't accidentally make a mistake and send the report to the wrong place, or get an "incorrect password" e-mail from us.

You will also see a snapshot of your account showing how many pre-paid TSA's you have available to you, how many free analyses you have remaining and how many unpaid analyses are available.

After your access is granted you will have only 2 choices:  NEW CLIENT or MY CLIENTS *
* The first time you log in you will only see the NEW CLIENT button because you do not have any clients as yet.

Some versions of MS Internet Explorer have a problem/bug which causes the page to expire or does not allow you to use the back button on a secure site.  Please download Mozilla Firefox available for free at: www.Mozilla.org    It is a much better browser and does not have the back button problem.

* If you have not created clients you will only see the NEW CLIENT button.

Your account information will also be displayed.  
If you have any pre-paid TSA's available you will see the number there.
If you have any free reports, you will see this number as well.
If you have any unpaid analyses, you will see this number as well.

Clicking the NEW CLIENT button, creates a New Client.
Here you enter the Client's Name, Initials or case number you will use to label your client.
Please do not use quotation marks (") slash characters (/), or commas in the client name field.

Clicking the MY CLIENTS button, displays a listing of all of your previous TSA's in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest).

  • When you resubmit (re-do) that client moves to the top of the list (newest).
  • Re-Do. We know you will love this feature.  The items you enter for your clients are stored.  You do not have to re-enter each characteristic whenever you wish to re-do a TSA.  Simply change the characteristics you like and re-do!
  • You will notice you can review your billing online as well, viewing which TSA's have been paid. 
  • You can also immediately request an additional invoice be sent to you for a client.  Invoices are sent automatically, unless you have pre-purchased or you have a freebie credited to your account. 
  • Freebies now appear in your client list as well to show you that you did indeed receive your free analysis.
  • You can also delete any client you wish, if you are certain you will not need to Re-Do this client in the future.  You can only delete a paid client.

Once you have entered a NEW CLIENT or have clicked on a previous client to Re-Do, you will see the Menu.  This is the place to make your entries for your analyses.


The menu is broken up into sections/buttons.

  • Takes you back to the NEW CLIENT & MY CLIENTS screen

Here you ENTER your vocational history, physical characteristics, specific vocational preparations, environmental characteristics, aptitude, GED, Temperaments, Data People Things, State for Wages, and Preferences.  A CONTINUE button collects your entries and returns you to the Menu.  NOTE: You must click the CONTINUE button for your changes and entries to be accepted and saved.


  • Allows you to enter up to 15 previous occupations from your client's history. 
    Our new entry screen allows you to build your vocational history as you go using our exclusive DOT search engine.  You simply enter a SINGLE key word, such as "clerk" and click the Search button.  A list of all DOT titles will appear with the word "clerk" in them.  You then select the occupation you like and click ADD to my Employment History.  The occupation is added and appears immediately in a list above your search results.  You can then click NEW SEARCH to add additional occupations.  Other features include the ability to View the DOT description or Occupational Outlook Handbook description for any job in your search results.  This prevents you from adding the wrong job.   If you do add the wrong job by accident, you can always REMOVE from my Employment History.  It's just that easy!  When you have all of your history built, simply click the Employment History Completed.


  • Allows you to enter your client's physical limitations (if any) and Strength limitation, if any.  You can choose to have the program get the highest Strength level from history or choose your own highest level.

ENTER SVP button

  • Allows you to enter the Specific Vocational Preparation you would like to consider in your TSA.  You have 2 options here:  1. You can have the WebTSA program get the highest value from your client's vocational history.  2. You can enter a maximum SVP to consider.


  • Allows you to enter your client's environmental limitations (if any).


  • Allows you to enter your client's aptitude minimums and maximums to consider in the TSA.  NOTE: While you can enter both minimum and maximum values, be cautious.  If an occupation is within all of the aptitude parameters you enter except one, it will be eliminated.  Often, it is best to enter the areas that are most important to you (in your judgment ) and we recommend you try entering maximums only first.  Check your results instantly, using the VIEW buttons, and then enter more criteria if needed.

ENTER GED button

  • Allows you to enter your client's General Educational Development.


  • Allows you to enter ONLY the temperaments you want to be INCLUDED in the TSA.  NOTE: Caution is to be used here.  If an occupation does not have the temperament you enter it will be eliminated from your TSA results.  This is an exact match criteria. 
    * We are soon going to add the ability to EXCLUDE temperaments from the TSA as well, per our members' requests.


  • Allows you to enter Data, People Things codes that will LIMIT your results to the codes you enter.  NOTE: Caution is to be used here.  If an occupation does not have the Data People Things codes you enter it will be eliminated from your TSA results.  This is an exact match criteria.


  • Allows you to enter the State you wish to consider for the wage analysis.  If you do not enter a State, the State you registered under is used as the default.


  • Allows you to set preferences for your reports and viewing experience at VocRehab.com
    You can choose the type of format you prefer: PDF or RTF.  
    PDF (Portable Document Format) requires the free Adobe Reader (tm) www.adobe.com  to view the reports.  This is the preferred method of receiving reports because the reports look exactly the way we printed them here with bolding, boxes and underlining intact. 
    RTF (Rich Text Format) is the type of report you can load into your word processor.  The reports tend to be larger than the PDF reports and you may have to adjust them somewhat within your word processor to format them correctly.   They are editable this way, which many customers prefer. 
    If you put a Y in this box, you will NOT receive reports by e-mail.  Rather, you will receive an e-mail with hyperlinks to download the reports from our server.  If you have a small e-mail inbox or problems receiving large e-mails, this is a great feature.  You can download your reports whenever you wish.  Reports are kept for 1 week. (you can always re-do the analysis if you need the reports regenerated and you missed them).  NOTE: You may receive the e-mail before the reports are available on the server.  If you click on the link and receive a "not found" message, please try again later.
  • LIMITATIONS ONLY & VOC. HISTORY DISPLAY TYPE enter the number of the view you would like to see for Vocational History or Limitations Only search.  Numbers are 1-6.  Entering a 1 will display Physical characteristics when the vocational history is VIEWED in the browser, or when Limitations Only is VIEWED in the browser.  Changing this number to 2 would display environmental characteristics and so on.
    You can change the sort of the records viewed in the VIEW section for Vocational History and Limitations Only as well.  You can sort by DOT Number, Title, Strength or SVP.
  • TSA REPORTS TO SEND  Sample Transferable Skills Analysis Reports
    You can get as few as 1 report or as many as 10 reports AT ONE TIME.  You may certainly resubmit as many reports as you like, choosing 10 at one time 10 the next time etc.  We only limit the amount at one time because most members e-mail boxes could not hold more than 10 at one time.
    There are 3 distinct types of Transferability reports: Listing, Comprehensive and Description.  Listing is our shortest report.  It presents the results in a table format with DOT number, title and census code.  Comprehensive includes all of the occupational characteristics for a job.  Description reports include the DOT number, Title and job description from the DOT.
    Summary Report: This report shows pie charts of transferable occupations before and after the limitations you entered were applied.  It also includes projection data as well as wage data.
    Vocational History Report is a complete report of your client's vocational history including all characteristics and job descriptions.
    Vocational History Profile Report is a "snapshot" of the highest levels of the characteristics in your client's vocational history.
    Why Not Report is a special report that tells you why occupations were omitted from the Highly Transferable Report.   Can be very handy.
    All-Transferability in one Report is a table type of report, listing Highly, Closely, Moderately, Work Field Related and MPSMS Field Related transferable occupations in one report.  Duplicates have been removed and the results are sorted from the Highest level of transferability to the lowest.  This is a very compact and useful report.
    All-Transferability by GOE with OES  Report is a report, listing Highly, Closely, Moderately, Work Field Related and MPSMS Field Related transferable occupations in one report. 
    The results include GOE and OES information. Duplicates have been removed and the results are sorted from the Highest level of transferability to the lowest.  This is a very compact and useful report.
    Highly Transferable OOH Report is an incredible report.  We crosswalk your Highly Transferable results to the Occupational Outlook Handbook 02-03 for current and comprehensive information related directly to your results.
  • LIMITATIONS ONLY REPORTS are similar to the transferability reports in that there are 3 types: Listing, Comprehensive and Description.  You must select SEND LIMITS REPORTS button to receive these reports.  These can be EXTREMELY HELPFUL in difficult placement cases.  They DO NOT look at transferability at all.  They simply find occupations that are LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO the limitations you entered.
  • DATA PEOPLE THINGS REPORTS are similar to the transferability reports in that there are 3 types: Listing, Comprehensive and Description.  There is also a DPT wages report available as well.  You must select SEND DPT REPORTS button to receive these reports.  These reports are based on occupations that have identical DPT codes as your client's history and within the limitations you entered.

  • NOTE
    : We have set the reports for you already to the default reports you are used to receiving.  These are all List type reports (simple table type lists of DOT number and title.) Please choose the reports you want prior to requesting a TSA if you do not want the 10 default listing reports.  Other types are: Comprehensive: includes all characteristics for the occupation.  Description: includes DOT number, title and job description. Yes, you can mix and match.
  • REMOVE UNSKILLED OCCUPATIONS You can choose whether or not you wish to have Unskilled Occupations removed.  Typically Unskilled occupations are not included in a TSA because they do not require any "skills" that are transferable.  These occupations are SVP 1 and 2.  Many include these occupations to give the client more occupations to explore.
  • ZIP SECURITY You can choose to have your files Zipped and password protected.  We do allow you to have your files "zipped."   This takes all of your reports, compresses them into one file and password protects them with your password.  This is for Windows or DOS based machines only.  Mac users should NOT use this feature unless they have special utility software installed that will allow them to read zip files created in Windows.  Windows users "may" need an unzip utility as well.  Some versions of Windows will automatically unzip files for you.  Likewise, some versions of  AOL automatically unzip files for you.
    There are several possibilities in sending your reports by e-mail.  The e-mail you registered under is the first choice.  It is easiest because you never have to enter it.  When you create a new client, simply enter the client's name and leave the e-mail field blank.  The analysis will go to the e-mail address you registered under.
    2. You can enter an alternate e-mail address.  Your reports will always go to this address if one is entered. It overrides the default registration e-mail address.   This is a good place to enter a temporary e-mail address, such as when you are working away from your usual address.  Once entered, this becomes your default e-mail address.  * Remember to change it back when you return.
    3. If you are sharing a password with someone else in your company, then you should enter your e-mail address when you click NEW CLIENT.  This e-mail address stays with the client record so it will always go to you.
  • BILLING E-MAIL ADDRESS You can have your invoices sent to a billing e-mail address for your company.  The default is to send the invoice to you. If your billing department has an e-mail address, enter it here.  Your invoices will automatically be sent to this address. 
  • LABOR MARKET REPORT this is relatively new and extremely helpful report for finding leads to occupations in your geographic area that are related to the occupations in your TSA results.  The LMR correlates the Highly Transferable Results to current yellow pages listings in the Zip and area code(s) of your choice.  NOTE: This report can become extremely large.  Please enter both a Zip Code and an area code to limit the output.  Reports that are too large will be canceled.  We are looking at limiting the reports if this becomes a problem for our members.  We ask that if you view your Highly Transferable results and find them to be numerous to be please make sure you enter only 1 area code the first time your request the report.  You can always request it a second or third time.


  • Skills Search is a completely separate search and not part of completing the TSA. 
    It allows you to check the box next to the skill or skills of interest.  You can check as many or few as you like and then click Submit Search.
    Your results will be displayed instantly.  Also, the results will take into consideration any limitations which you may have set including education, SVP, strength or any other parameter available to you for a TSA.  Very helpful for those clients with little or no vocational history.  Also handy for high school or college grads with little or no vocational history.
    NOTE: To get a hard copy of your results you must use SEND LAST VIEW.  Simply view your search, hit your browser's BACK button twice and click Send Last View.

Here you can VIEW your analyses prior to sending a request for a final report.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 
You can also view the characteristics of your client's vocational history. 
This feature allows you to run a TSA, change any characteristics and then re-run the TSA to see the changes immediately in your browser.  You will see a Pie chart representing your results and 20 records at a time.  A NEXT button at the bottom of the screen takes you to the NEXT set of 20 records.  * You may have a better viewing experience in your browser by setting the View to Smaller Text. (MS Explorer).

  • VIEW CLOSELY TRANSFERABLE (based on Combination Fields )


  • Whenever you view a TSA, DPT or Limitations Only Analysis in your browser, you can have the results sent to you via e-mail as an attachment, in text format.  This can be loaded into your word processor or Microsoft WordPad for viewing or printing.  (Pie charts are not included in these text files.)  This is an incredibly FAST way to get results.  Click the View button of your choice.  After you see the Pie Chart with the first screen of results, simply hit the back button in your browser.  Then, click the SEND LAST VIEW BY EMAIL button.  This will send you a listing type of text file that includes everything (all of the records, not just the first 20) that you were viewing.  Very quick.  NOTE:  You have to VIEW each section PRIOR to sending it to yourself .  For example: VIEW HIGHLY TRANSFERABLE, back button, SEND LAST VIEW, VIEW CLOSELY TRANSFERABLE, back button, SEND LAST VIEW gets you two text file reports.


  • Here you send a request for your reports to be run and printed in either PDF (portable document format) or RTF (rich text format).  These are the same reports you have received in the past.  Turnaround time is approximately 5 minutes depending upon how many analyses are being run before you.  * We do allow 24 hours for delivery of these due to circumstances beyond our control, however usually you will have your reports in 5 minutes or less.


You can now run a TSA, Limitations Only or Data People Things Analysis for the same price.  You only pay once for the client.
Whenever you enter a new client and generate a VIEW or a SEND REPORTS, an invoice is automatically sent to you.  This is only done once for a client, unless you request an additional invoice.  * We do allow you to re-do any and all reports.  We are using the honor system to some degree in allowing free re-do's on Limitations Only reports.  We ask that you please respect the honor system and not run multiple re-do reports for different clients.  Abusers of this system will lose their privileges.

We realize that many members have billing departments to which they send their invoices.  We allow a generous amount of time for bills to be paid, often more than the standard 30 days.   Sometimes members have sent invoices on to billing departments which get lost in the shuffle.  We would appreciate it if you simply regenerate an invoice and resend it to your billing department. We try our best to keep up to date with our billing and to update the online system so you can view what payments we have received.   Please check the MY CLIENTS button to review your billing history on line.  There, you will see whether a client has been marked as paid, or if it was a free analysis (freebie).    Should you ever find an error we will gladly take care of it for you.

Everything is in perfect working order.  Our new Internet connection is extremely fast no matter how many users are logged in at the same time.  We couldn't be more pleased.
However, if at any time during your use of the system, you experience a problem,  please let us know.  We apologize in advance and will try to minimize problems whenever they occur. 
Should you ever have a problem, please contact us immediately:  Contact VocRehab
Should you ever find yourself with an error message or page not found, please try to re-log. 

There are times when we have to restart the server if a problem has occurred and this will leave you unable to continue unless you log in again.

We will try to post a message if we have been experiencing any problem with the server or intend to perform maintenance on the server. 
To check system status, please click here:
VocRehab.com System Status

To start using the site click here:  VocRehab WebTSA

Thank you !

VocRehab Staff