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Very Heavy Work Examples

Exerting in excess of 100 pounds of force occasionally, or in excess of 50 pounds of force frequently, or in excess of 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical demand requirements are in excess of those for Heavy Work.

V:1 Lifts lumber and other material weighing 50 pounds or more and carries to hand truck.

V:2 Transfers adult patients between bed and conveyance, frequently lifting them without assistance, and pushes wheelchair or wheeled stretcher to transport patients to hospital areas.

V:3 Loads and unloads truck when transporting or delivering articles, such as furniture, refrigerators, and machinery, many of which weigh in excess of 100 pounds.

V:4 Loads and unloads trailers and semi-trailers with crates of produce weighing from 80 to 110 pounds.

V:5 Performs machine and hand operations necessary to fabricate and assemble boilers, tanks, vats, and other vessels made of heavy steel plates weighing up to 120 pounds.

V:6 Installs ship's steam, diesel, or electric propelling and auxiliary machinery and equipment, such as pumps, cargo-handling machinery, anchor-handling gear, ventilating and fire-fighting equipment, steering gear, and armament.